About Us


Richard Seaberg, Owner

Experience leads to the professionalism that is evident in RLS Architecture.

Richard L. Seaberg has over 40 years of experience in Design.

His team of Drafting Technicians and Engineers is equipped to produce CAD drawings for projects of any scope. All of  the plan documents are finely detailed and consistent with Building Codes in the geographic location of the project.

Mr. Seaberg can assist the Client with the selection of a General Contractor and further review the documentation for the Contract. He can also assist the Client in selecting Interior Design and Landscape Architect Services. Working as a team with other Design Professionals creates a complete service package that is evident in the final result.

Mr. Seaberg can provide personal Construction Observations with periodic reports to the Client on the progress and the quality of the construction work.

RLS Architecture desires to provide a complete Architectural Service to our Client that begins with the initial Concept and continues through to the completion of the Project.


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There are three factors that make RLS Architecture Unique:

  • Client: attention to the aesthetic desires and functional needs of the Client .
  • Location: design in harmony with the geographic location of the Site.
  • Creativity: creative design abilities and instincts.




Statement by Richard L. Seaberg:

Architecture plays an important role in our environment. Each day we live, work and relax in buildings that have been designed by integrating our functional historical sense with our mind’s aesthetic creativity. Listening to the Client is the first step toward creating a well balanced design that meets the Client’s needs. Next is creating a design that is in harmony with the environment and the geographical location of the Site. Finally, and most important, the design must meet certain principles of design as established by the Design Professional. With all these influences in place the Architect creates a design that is aesthetically pleasing to the eye and functionally compatible with the Client.

Richard L. Seaberg  began his career in Architecture in Massachusetts in 1970.

He currently resides in Florida where his practice has expanded across the United States and to the Caribbean.