Hope Town: Reality of a Dream
by Richard L. Seaberg

A note from the author:

There is an old saying, “ if these walls could talk” : meaning that if the walls of a house could talk they would have so much to say about the lives of their inhabitants. And so houses are very important to me, especially older houses, as an instrument of learning about the past. The “way it was” will most likely be “the way it will be” as history does repeat itself; so if we listen to the past we can learn more and possible build a better future!

It is going on twenty eight years now that I have returned every year to Hope Town in the Abaco Islands of the Bahamas. Some years my visits were extended to three or four times a year. Hope Town to me is my “Paradise” on earth! It is the place where I can be at one with myself and find peace within my mind.

Over all those years, with my sketchbook in hand, I have put ink to paper and captured the history of the architecture of Hope Town. My drawings of thirteen of those older houses has now been compiled in my new book  “Hope Town: Reality of a Dream”.